CAMAG Dried Blood Spot Analysis System for LC-MS - Online extraction system for LC-MS, MS or Sample Collector coupling

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The fully automated DBS-MS 500 from CAMAG is state of the art technology to analyze DBS. The DBS are directly eluted in a designed extraction chamber and guided online to an analysis system. Sample processing is automated, including the application of an internal standard through a high precision sprayer and barcode assignment. In addition to the analysis results, a picture of each DBS card before and after extraction and the run parameters are reported to maintain high traceability and quality.

Key features

  • High throughput analysis of up to 500 DBS cards per run
  • Integrated optical card recognition and barcode reading module
  • Automated internal standard application module
  • Unique extraction module with wash station to eliminate carry-over
  • Online coupling to analysis system (LC-MS, MS or Sample Collector)
  • Full control through Chronos software

The fully automated CAMAG DBS-MS extraction system makes DBS analysis remarkably easy and has strong advantages compared to both the manual and semi-automated punching techniques. With the CAMAG DBS-MS 500 extraction procedure DBS analysis is an economical alternative to conventional blood sampling. It represents a time- and cost-saving technique for analyzing Pharmacological samples and is less invasive for participants or animals.

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