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Nova Technology (Nova System Modules)

Nova Technology provides enhanced performance for precision liquid control. Nova technology is standard in all Nova Systems, which are comprised of any 4-cylinder pump head with a servo motor. Two software algorithms, NovaSpense™ and NovaFlow™, are used by the Nova System's servo motor to more precisely control liquid delivery. NovaSpense™ dramatically increases accuracy for dispensing, and NovaFlow™ provides nearly pulseless delivery during continuous-flow metering. Nova capabilities are available with the servo motor option for four-piston OEM System Modules (2-4 and 16-4) and are standard features in the Base Station and Satellite units.

NovaFlo™ - the metering accuracy of Basic Systems is exceptional. However, when low-pulsation is also required, NovaFlow™ is the software algorithm that reduces instantaneous pulsation to as little as 3% of total flow during metering. NovaFlow™ can be utilized for flow rates between 200 nl/min and 20 ml/min with a Model 2-4 Nova System, or 1.6 mL/min and 200 ml/min with a 16-4 Nova System. Shown at right: 1.15 ml/min flow rate, Native/Basic pulsation vs. NovaFlow™ pulsation

NovaSpense™ is the software algorithm that controls the Car-May System for exceptionally accurate dispensing. Test results for NovaSpense™ dispensing are shown here. The programmed dispense volume represented is 1.000 mL. The repeatability and accuracy that NovaSpense™ provides are ideal for automated manufacturing and precision laboratory applications.

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