Two Square Technology Cetus 840 MicroSampling System - reliable, efficient, automated performance for the pharmaceutical laboratory

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The Cetus 840 MicroSampling System offers reliable, efficient, automated performance for the pharmaceutical laboratory. The Cetus 840 has the ability to run eight concurrent USP I or II dissolution tests with nine consecutive samples. It features a proprietary automated filtering and collection system, which allows precise sampling and direct transfer to an HPLC for easy data acquisition.

MicroSampling will improve your data by enabling more frequent sampling without media replacement or needing to use complex algorithms for data correction. The robust design of the Cetus 840 makes automation simple with reliable filling, cleaning, and resetting between runs. Regardless of whether you are in the laboratory or manufacturing environment, the Cetus 840 is built to streamline your operation and improve your data quality


  • USP I or II methods
  • Automatic dosage feeding
  • Automatic filtration and direct transfer to HPLC
  • Media and vessel temperature uniformity
  • Automatic filling, cleaning, and resetting
  • Quick release system for exchanging paddles or baskets
  • Robust, chemical resistant components
  • Graphical touch screen interface is extremely user friendly for simple method runs, development, or editing
  • Video monitoring available


  • 250 L sample volume
  • Enables innovative micro-dissolution methods development
  • Eliminates the need for media replacement
  • Allows 60 X more samples for generating data-rich profiles
  • Eliminates carryover
  • Streamlines processing
  • Eliminates operator variability and inadvertent errors
  • Low cost of ownership

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